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The core investment philosophy stays true to the enterprise DNA in construction engineering and real estate development. The focus on core technology, global potential and diversification is key to Plaxo International's success.


Over the last 25 years, based on BLS statistics, nearly every industry has doubled their productivity rate, whereas construction has not only flat-lined, but has declined. Materials costs are growing at an increasing rate – costs grew by 5.6 percent over the last 12 months, with another 5-6 percent in increases expected over the next year. Access to skilled labor continues to be an issue. The number of construction workers is down 12.9 percent over the 2007 peak. Spending in construction is up 23.3 percent over the 2007 peak, hitting a projected $1.3 billion in 2018, compounding the woes of supply and demand for labor. Construction wages are continuing to rise, and quickly. Up 4.5 percent in the last year (compared to +2.2 percent across all industries), and  31.2 percent over January 2007. There is an urgent need for innovative companies that can deliver projects faster, with fewer resources and cheaper than ever before.


We look for construction technologies that:

- Increase the speed of construction

- Lower the cost of labour and materials


We look for companies with a global vision and technology that can be applied to various markets. For instance, to help projects in developed markets with high cost of construction to source construction methods and materials from lower cost markets. 

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